Top 10 Local Chicken Dishes In Hong Kong

The humble yet versatile domestic bird takes the spotlight in your next dinner

We all love chicken, the venerable bird whose versatility garners raves in almost every cuisine. While local chickens are limited in supply, chefs in Hong Kong are offering some of the best ways to present the fresh bird in ways that keep us wanting more. Here our picks for the 10 best Hong Kong local chicken dishes

Zest By Konishi

Returning to Hong Kong dining scene late last year, Zest by Konishi is the two-storey lounge and dining room in Central. Helmed by Japanese chef Mitsuru Konishi, the fine dining establishment is home to one of the city’s most celebrated roasted birds. Arriving in a custom-made wooden box, unveiled tableside in a plume of smoke and served carefully carved, t. The Ping Yuen chicken is richly filled with fox tears and mixed grains, wrapped with lotus leaf before its roasting process. The flesh stays tender throughout, and the grains from the bird’s belly absorbed the rich juices from the chicken.

Zest by Konishi, 28-29/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong; +852 2715 0878


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